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english language

English for Life – at Greenfields English Language College.

What is it?

English for Life courses are intensive one and two week courses, teaching English by topic. It is intensive tuition and coaching with real life practice so that one can use English with confidence to interact with English speakers.

We will cover 20 topics (in two weeks) or 10 topics (in one week). The students cover the vocabulary and sentence structures of a specific topic and then use it in real life situations in the society.

Who can join the course? The course is for adults only. Students must be 18 years or over. The course is for students who have an Intermediate level of English (this is not for Beginners).

What is the purpose of the course? The purpose is to give a chance to those students who have studied English in their own country to really use the language in every day situations in an English environment. It is a full immersion course that will boost the confidence of the student as well as experiencing English culture, customs and humour.

What topics do we cover? For a two week English for Life course the following topics are included:






Pubic Transport


Food and Drink

English Villages

At the Bank and Post Office

English Police and Shops



Outing to village Pubs








English for Business

Winnie the Pooh


Kings and Queens


Health and Doctors

Outing to visit Pooh Bridge

Outing to Gatwick airport

Outing to Brighton

When is it? 12-24 of August.

Where is the College? The Greenfields English Language College is located in the Historic town of East Grinstead which is situated in West Sussex – South of England. It is surrounded by beautiful English country side.

How to get to the College: The College is closest to Gatwick Airport. Other airports in London are Heathrow airport and Stanstead airport. From Gatwick airport the best is to take a taxi (which is a 25 minute ride into East Grinstead and costs £11.00). From Stansted and Heathrow airports the best is to take a train into London Victoria and then the train to East Grinstead.

What about Accommodation? The most common form of accommodation is family home stay. You will have your own room with a local family. The College will arrange the accommodation prior to arrival to the UK. During the month of August it is possible to share accommodation in dormitories at a school in a near by village.

What will the daily schedule be? Class starts at 9:00am until 12:15pm. Lunch is from 12:15 until 13:15 and class starts again from 13:15 to 16:30. The students have free time from 16:30 onwards.

What about food? Breakfast: is eaten at home (some families provide breakfast). Lunch: there are several fast food outlets in East Grinstead. There is a supermarket 5 minutes from the College where you can buy food and this can be eaten at the college. We have a decked area outside with benches and chairs for students to enjoy their lunch. Dinner: is eaten at home or restaurants. Food in England is more expensive than in the rest of Europe. The college does not provide any food.

How much are the fees? The prices for the courses are as follows: 2 weeks (60 hours) £400.00. 1 week (30 hours), £210.00.

Accommodation: Family home stay is £90.00 for one week. During the month of August (only) there is an option to stay in school, shared dormitories at £10.00 per night.

What about social activities? The college will organise 2 evening activities. This consists of baking English scones and enjoying a proper English tea and visiting a 5 star hotel to play snooker and drink hot chocolate. On Saturday we will take the students on a day trip to one of the most famous cities of the world; London! We will have time to see all the sights and do some shopping in the afternoon. The cost is £45.00 (for 2 evenings and a day trip to London) It does not include any paying visits in London.

For any further information: Contact us at +44 1342 315299 or Fax +44 1342 315298. Or e-mail us at info(at)gelc.org or visit our website on www.gelc.org.uk

Greenfields English Language College

57a Railway Approach

East Grinstead

West Sussex

RH19 1BT

England - UK

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